Marvel Reveals An Avenger Is A Total Insurance Nightmare

Many everyday people in the Marvel Universe have insurance for superhero battles, but things get tricky when it comes to insuring Thor.

Warning: Spoilers for Damage Control #3 It’s important for people living in the Marvel Universe to have insurance that covers damage caused by the Avengers’ constant battles, but some heroes like Thor have a much bigger impact on damage. insurance claims than others.

Many fans may not be aware that damage control is an essential part of the practical workings of the Marvel Universe. They were originally an outfit tasked with cleaning up much of the destruction left behind as a result of a superhero fight. However, the organization was restructured to include the government and allow citizens who were affected by superhero battles to be compensated for material, physical, and emotional damage they may have suffered.

In Damage Control #3 by Adam F. Goldberg, Hans Rodionoff, and Nathan Stockman, a Damage Control employee named Gus tries to find his place in the organization. He oscillates between several different departments before ending up in insurance. He is sent to Trenton, where Thor is engaged in a fight with a giant monster fish. Meanwhile, the Black Tarantula approaches Gus to claim a laundromat he ran for Hammerhead. Unfortunately, his claim is denied because the damage was caused by Thor, and since Thor is a god, any damage caused by him is considered an “act of God” and not eligible for coverage.

Thor really is a god

This scene is both very informative and hilarious, especially because Black Tarantula burned down the laundromat to collect the insurance. This shows that in the bureaucratic world of the Marvel Universe, different heroes are ranked in different ways. It’s not as clear for Damage Control to simply say that all superhero fights are the same. They probably have different classifications such as mutant combat, magic combat, or technology-based combat.

In this area, Thor must be a pretty big wild card. Asgardians have been labeled everything from gods to aliens. So for insurance they have to be in a completely separate category. It’s likely that Damage Control would cover some forms of God-related destruction. After all, their ultimate goal is to help people, and that means delivering the right superhero insurance. In the real world, insurance coverage for “acts of God” can sometimes cost more. And since Black Tarantula and Hammerhead are gangsters, they probably won’t spend the bounty on getting god-level insurance. So that just means that when it comes to the Avengers, Thor has a very unique and problematic insurance status.

Damage Control #3 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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