Man seen above rescued SpaceX capsule

Photos shared by NASA space flight showed a man sailing above what appears to be a SpaceX Dragon capsule. In the photo, a man wearing a helmet and vest can be seen sitting atop the spacecraft as it appears to be towed off Port Canaveral, Florida. The big question is why he does this.

In the past four months, not a single Crew Dragon or Cargo Dragon capsule has fallen into the water. The theory is that it’s a training pod, mainly because of the conditions it’s in. The spacecraft seen in the images has no burn marks and no dracos rocket engines.

This is a good hypothesis, because when entering Earth’s atmosphere during orbits, the Crew Dragon and Cargo Dragon capsules are marked on their exteriors. It wouldn’t be the first time SpaceX has conducted such tests. In 2017, the company tested a full-size model of the Crew Dragon model in the water. The goal was for the rescuers to test the rescue of astronauts in a water environment.

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Dragon and NASA spacecraft

The Crew Dragon and Cargo Dragon spacecraft models have been used by NASA programs for at least a decade. They play an important role in US space agency programs because they allow NASA to independently launch astronauts and supplies into space.

The capsules have already delivered supplies more than 20 times to the International Space Station (ISS). In addition, she has been responsible eight times for sending astronauts into space.

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