Low price: Amazon ensures your safety during your Christmas holidays!

Good deal Low price: Amazon ensures your safety during your Christmas holidays!

Yes, Amazon isn’t just offering deals on Christmas toys and video games. In particular, we find one accessory that you may not have thought of but could prove very useful if you plan to be away this Christmas holiday…

Yes, going on vacation is the best time for a malicious person to attack your property. A surveillance camera will also not be able to prevent someone from entering your home while you are away, but the deterrent effect is very real.

Buy the surveillance camera duo for €39.99 on Amazon

The pack of 2 Blink Mini surveillance cameras is only €39.99 instead of €69.98 at Amazon. A very interesting price, as the single camera only costs €19.95.

Surveillance cameras have become more and more common in the home. And this for a simple reason: They allow you to keep an eye on your home. In recent years, we have been able to have innovations that have made these cameras easier to install and use.

The Blink Mini security camera provides motion detection when someone breaks into your home, night vision at night and also includes the two-way audio feature. In addition, it works with Alexa, which can be very convenient if you already have an Echo Dot for example.

Similarly, you can set the camera to react and notify you based on what it sees. The microphones installed on it allow you to interact with people if necessary. Battery powered, these cameras will not stop working even in the event of a power outage.

To use it, just set it up on your Wi-Fi network in minutes. This set contains a total of:

  • 2 white Blink Mini cameras
  • 2 fixing sets with support
  • 2 USB cable
  • 2 mains adapters

Buy the surveillance camera duo for €39.99 on Amazon

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