Lost Ark – Amazon Games unveils the “Reaper” class

Lost Ark – Amazon Games unveils the “Reaper” class

Lost Ark

Amazon Games has released a blog post detailing the new Grim Reaper Advanced Class, which will officially launch on November 16 with the monthly update. This new class is now playable on the test server of Lost Ark.

Here is some key information about the Grim Reaper:

  • The Reaper’s class identity is designed around three modes: Normal Mode, Persona Mode, and Chaos Mode.
  • Like the other advanced classes, the Grim Reaper has two specific class engravings: the Hunger (dedicated to Chaos mode) and the Lunar Voice (for Persona mode).
  • The Grim Reaper has three skill categories: dagger, shadow, and suppression. Dagger and Shadow skills are used to recharge Persona and Chaos Modes, and Suppression Skills are heavily amplified by Persona Mode.
  • Players will receive express growth from the Punika after completing the “Bever’s Friendship” quest during or before the event. With the Punika’s express growth, they will receive item level 1302 gear.



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