LoL: How long does it take to “finish” the game? Microsoft has the answer!

Riot Games’ most popular title, along with the studio’s other games, recently arrived on Xbox Game Pass, and users of the subscription service will automatically unlock all champions in the game, as well as an experience bonus. However, one fact caught our attention. In fact, Microsoft has stated the number of hours needed to “finish” League of Legends.

Fictitious statistics?

According to their calculations, The League of Legends “main story” would take 1,016 hours to complete. If over 1,000 hours is an exorbitant number, the time it takes to “complete” the entire MOBA will surprise you even more. Total, you need approximately 2,489 hours, which corresponds to approximately 103 days.

Since this title from Riot Games is a MOBA and has no story or single player mode, these statistics should obviously not be taken seriously and it is likely that an artificial intelligence generated this data completely randomly. The statistics are the result of a collaboration with HowLongToBeat, which measures virtually all video games.

Focusing on this data, most League of Legends players will tell you that spending 1,000 hours on the game probably won’t even get you to the Gold rank, which is where you get the end of season skin. If we’re talking about “finishing” the game, which many people might understand coming to Challenger, the 1000 hours to reach that rank seems like a complete utopia, to be honest.

As mentioned at the start of this article, League of Legends is not the only Riot title available on Xbox Game Pass. Legends of Runeterra, VALORANT, Teamfight Tactics and Wild Rift are also part of the subscription service which could save you over $1,000 if you were to pay for everything the service has to offer in exchange for a monthly subscription.

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