Leocare: flexible insurance for your savings

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Inflation, reduced purchasing power, rising energy prices, we now have to be cunning to save money. Rest assured, Leocare is here for you. This new generation insurance offers home, auto and motorcycle insurance at very competitive rates. What is their secret ? Leocare is a 100% dematerialized insurance that works thanks to an application. In operation since 2017, Leocare is a start-up created by Noureddine Bekrar and Christophe Dandois. Today, Leocare has 240 employees, more than 130,000 policyholders and an application downloaded more than 600,000 times which allows policyholders to manage themselves. even the different warranties.

Leocare, a different operation and reduced costs

Leocare is an insurance that offers different offers, namely home insurance, car insurance, motorcycle insurance. To enjoy it, just download the application. This is easy to use. However, if you need help, you can contact LeoAdvisors via email, social media, or even make an appointment with them. Thanks to this different operation, Leocare insurance rates are 25% cheaper, with equivalent guarantees.

Policyholders can carry out all their procedures from the application, which offers all the necessary functionalities. It is possible to read the subscribed contract, to know the extent of the guarantees, the goods and the people covered by the insurance and the tariffs. Policyholders can adjust the guarantees whenever they wish. The price is automatically adapted.

Policyholders have the power

Since the application, the insured have the possibility of modifying their guarantees. They can activate new offers, subscribe to options, increase the level of guarantees or reduce it and deactivate services. Thus, in one click, it is possible to take advantage of smartphone insurance, which takes effect immediately, without waiting period, to add a driver to the car insurance, to take out school insurance for children or even to activate the wintering of his motorcycle.

Using the Leocare app, customers can report their claim in minutes. It is enough to send the photos of the damage, the circumstances and the documents on the application. A Leoadviser then takes over to bring in an expert and take charge of the claim.

Policyholders are therefore well supported in the process. They can contact an advisor through the messaging available from the application, on social networks or by appointment. If necessary, Leocare offers its policyholders the possibility of having a videoconference with an expert advisor. Photos and other documents are transmitted via the application. The follow-up of the file is done in real time and the insured are notified when they are compensated.

The advantages of the different Leocare offers

Leocare offers different types of insurance. Each of them has different levels of coverage and additional services to meet the needs of policyholders.

  • Leocare home insurance, 3 levels of cover available

The home insurance offered by Leocare has 3 levels of guarantee, namely Eco, Medium and Premium. Thanks to these formulas, you can protect your walls and your furniture according to your needs, whether you are a tenant or an owner. The Eco formula offers all the basic guarantees except those related to electrical damage. The Medium and Premium formulas offer more complete solutions for optimal coverage. Because all policyholders do not have the same property, they have the option of defining the value of movable property. This can reach 15,000 euros. Always according to their needs, the insured can opt for additional guarantees and thus compose a personalized insurance. Families have the option of taking out school insurance that covers damage caused or suffered at school, college or high school. To have peace of mind on a daily basis, it is also possible to opt to cover the travel expenses of a repairman such as a plumber, an electrician or even a locksmith thanks to the SOS Clefs guarantee. Insured persons can benefit in one click from a certificate for their potential roommates or from a teleworking certificate. Finally, coverage of childcare costs or home help is offered in the event of immobilization.

  • Leocare car insurance, flexible guarantees for each driver

Leocare car insurance also offers 3 formulas. Policyholders benefit from 0 km assistance for all repairs as well as the loan of a vehicle free of charge in all offers. The Tiers formula covers basic risks, the Tiers+ formula is more elaborate, and the All Risks formula is more complete. As is the case for all Leocare insurance policies, policyholders are free to personalize their guarantees from their personal space. It is, for example, possible to choose a second driver, even if it is a young driver. Policyholders can also change this second driver from the application whenever they wish. Some options allow you to benefit from the reimbursement of the awareness courses necessary to recover the points and from body protection of up to one million euros. Leocare car insurance covers drivers according to their needs while respecting their budget. The prices are very competitive since they are 25% cheaper than the competition. After subscription, the insured person immediately has their certificate and can take the wheel with complete peace of mind. In case of troubleshooting, it is possible to follow the tow truck in real time from the application.

  • Leocare motorcycle insurance, customizable formulas and a wintering option

All two-wheeler enthusiasts know it: it is rare to use your motorcycle or scooter all year round. Leocare has understood and offers the wintering option in its motorcycle insurance formulas. These are 3 in number: Third Party, Third Party + and All Risks. Policyholders can take advantage of 150 wintering days in the year. Just activate the option from the application. Of course, the price is adjusted. If the two-wheeler is not used, the insured do not pay the full contributions. Leocare policyholders appreciate the 0 euro deductible on equipment and accessory guarantees, and the free subscription to Liberty Rider. This application is the guardian angel of bikers. It allows you to drive with complete peace of mind, to take advantage of suitable routes and GPS location in the event of an accident. A loan vehicle, a joker taxi and the sending of spare parts are other services available and free of Leocare motorcycle insurance.

By operating entirely from an application, Leocare empowers its policyholders. The latter can modify the services of their contract easily and in real time while benefiting from prices really calculated according to the guarantees.

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