Leocare car insurance: how to declare a claim?

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Having a car accident or disaster is never pleasant. The people concerned have to manage many unforeseen events. You have to be repaired, plan your future trips and organize the repairs of the damaged vehicle. To make your insurance work, there are also many administrative procedures to be carried out. Because these events are difficult enough to live with, Leocare makes it easier to declare a claim. New generation insurance works differently since management is 100% dematerialized. Thus, the steps are done from the application for faster processing and reimbursement.

How to declare a car accident with Leocare insurance?

If you have chosen Leocare for your car insurance, or if you are considering taking out this new generation insurance, all you have to do is download the application. You will find all the information relating to your guarantees there. You can also manage your contract options yourself. It is also on the application that you must declare your claim. To do this, simply click on ” Services » then on « I have a claim to report “. The steps are the same as with traditional insurance. You must explain the circumstances of the loss and provide the supporting documents requested.

Depending on the nature of the claim, it is important to respect the deadlines imposed for the declaration. It is 2 working days in the event of theft, 10 working days for natural disasters and 5 working days for any other claim. It is possible that the application displays the following message: Bring your contract into compliance “. Rest assured, this is normal, your return is open and you can move on to the next steps.

Make sure you provide all the supporting documents. A complete file is processed more quickly. To achieve this, you just need to download them. Among them, there is the amicable report. Attention, it is imperative to send the front and the back. In the event of theft or hit and run, a complaint is also requested. If the vehicle is more than 4 years old, the last technical inspection is requested. Note that it is also possible to upload photos to support your claim. When your file is complete, your request will be processed as soon as possible. A compensation manager will contact you. You can follow the management of your file in real time from the application.

Whether your claim took place in France or abroad, you are covered. The conditions are indicated in your contract. A manager will contact you quickly to assist you in your efforts.

How to repair a damaged vehicle?

Leocare is a car insurance that stands out for its 100% dematerialized management and its flexibility. Following a claim, you have a choice for repairs to your vehicle. Leocare provides you with a network of professionals. Whether you need a mechanic, a bodybuilder or a repairman in the event of glass breakage, you will find a professional near you. By calling on the network, you benefit from quality services and the loan of a vehicle for the duration of the immobilization of yours. Another major advantage, you do not need to advance the repair costs. Only the applicable deductibles are to be paid directly to the garage.

Would you like to have your vehicle repaired in another garage? Rest assured, it is possible. Simply communicate your choice to the manager who will contact you. The details of the chosen garage are to be entered in the personal space. You organize the repairs and pay the costs. Then, you just need to send the paid invoice to Leocare from the application. Compensation for guaranteed repairs is made by bank transfer as soon as possible.

If you do not wish to have your vehicle repaired, you will benefit from compensation at a reduced rate. This does not include labor costs. If a deductible is applicable, it is deducted from the compensation.

Leocare car insurance, customizable warranties for optimal coverage

Drivers all have different profiles. This is why Leocare offers different formulas. Third-party auto insurance provides basic coverage, namely civil liability. Its reduced price makes it affordable insurance. The Tiers+ formula is more elaborate. It allows you to be covered in the event of a fire or even a natural disaster. This intermediate offer combines a reasonable price and quality services. The All Risks insurance is complete. It is ideal for people who own a new or recent vehicle, but also for those who drive a lot. The 3 formulas include 0 km assistance, loan of a vehicle, civil liability and criminal defence.

Leocare offers many complementary options. Among them, there are guarantees for glass breakage, theft, fire, natural disasters, technological disasters, attacks and driver protection. These are adjustable from the app. You can also choose a secondary driver, including a young driver. Finally, if you lose points, the awareness course necessary to recover them is reimbursed. Do not hesitate to inquire about the conditions to benefit from these various advantages.

Leocare is a different type of insurance that offers subscription and contract management from an application. Policyholders enjoy great freedom and car insurance that reflects their image. In the event of a claim, even if Leocare is 100% dematerialized, they are accompanied. In addition to knowing in real time the handling of their case, they can reach an advisor by phone or chat. After claims management, 97% of Leocare policyholders remain. They continue to benefit from 25% cheaper rates.

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