Kate Middleton: this outfit that she must have in her suitcase on every official trip

With each official release, Kate Middleton continues to prove that she is the queen of style. Despite the limitations attached to her rank, the new Princess of Wales quickly established herself as a true fashion icon thanks to her trendy and elegant looks. Dazzling in a tiara and ball gown during major events, Prince William’s wife also impresses in more casual but still chic outfits. Like when she wears the dress of the season, or when she dares to wear pants, a rarity among royalty.

Kate Middleton: this correct outfit is required on a trip

We can’t wait to discover Kate Middleton’s wardrobe for her official trip to Boston with Prince William, which begins on Wednesday, November 30 and will last three days. But regardless of what happens, there is one outfit that the future queen consort will have to have in her suitcase for the United States. The protocol requires it. “Members of the British Royal Family are required to travel with a black ensemble in the event that the monarch or a senior member of the family dies during their journey”, Jessica Storoschuk, historian specializing in royalty, explains to Page Six this Tuesday, November 29. Before leaving for Boston, Kate Middleton and Prince William must therefore slip the mourning clothes into the suitcase to be ready in the event of a death in the royal family.

The Princess of Wales must be prepared for all eventualities

However, this requirement has not always existed. She was born after a fashion faux pas by Queen Elizabeth II. In 1952, when she was still just a princess, the young Elizabeth traveled to Kenya without a mourning dress in her suitcase. When her father, King George VI, dies during this royal tour, she is left without proper clothing. “After her father’s sudden death, she was forced to wait for her flight, on the tarmac, until someone brought her a black dress to the apartment so she could change”, says Jessica Storoschuk about the new queen’s return to England. And the specialist concludes: “It’s much easier to have mourning clothes in your travel wardrobe than to wait”.

Since then, it has been a tradition for members of the royal family to always carry a black outfit with them when they travel, just in case.

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