Kate Middleton reveals what Queen Elizabeth II preferred for Christmas

The celebration of the end of the year is an opportunity for many to reunite with family, and this is the case with the Windsors, who lost their matriarch in September. Kate Middleton therefore paid tribute to Elizabeth II in the introduction to the concert she organized in Westminster Abbey.

The Princess of Wales has actually revealed how much her husband’s grandmother loved Christmas because this period is synonymous with unity.

“Christmas held a dear place in Her Majesty’s heart and represented to her a time that united people and reminded us of the importance of faith, friendship and family, and to show empathy and compassion,” said Kate Middleton, as relayed by People.

Togetherness and compassion

A speech that obviously takes on a whole new dimension, while the disagreements in the royal family are even more public than usual. The documentary Harry and Meghanproduced by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for Netflix, in which the couple accuses Buckingham of all their ills, has finished pouring out the hope of those who still dreamed of seeing Princes William and Harry reconcile.

Kate Middleton also took the opportunity to confide that, for her part, Christmas takes stock of the past year. And the future Queen of England is thinking only of the positive, focusing on “the incredible legacy that has deeply inspired us all” left by Elizabeth II.

“Although Christmas will be very different this year, we can always look back on the memories and traditions we shared. Taking time to slow down and celebrate with family and friends all the wonderful things that make Christmas so special,” she added.

Prince William’s wife concluded her speech by recalling the “importance of music”, which has “the power to connect us with each other” and to offer small “pockets of joy and comfort in difficult times”. Music really softens the morale and the Windsors really need it right now!

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