Julien Sitbon Chipleader Approaching Day 3 of Main Event £1,100 UKIPT London

Julien Sitbon

There are only 28 players left in the fight for the title Main Event £1,100 UKIPT LondonSponsored by PokerStarswho broke all records with 1,458 entries to offer the champion the colossal sum of £232,300. And it is… Julien Sitbon who’s leading the pack heading into day 3!

Sitbon moved his stack to 6,940,000 chips at the end of Day 2 and won a huge pot to cement his position as the temporary chip leader. It has more than twice as many chips as its closest rivals.

Another Frenchman Mohamed Aissaoui, is in second place with a stack of 3,285,000 and Jon KyteEureka Prague 2022 finalist, follows in third place (2,930,000).

Sitbon started the day among the biggest stacks with 560,000 in the pocket at the end of Day 1a, and therefore continued the momentum as he finished with more than double his main competitor. The Frenchman has over 2,000,000 in live tournament winnings and has already won two live tournaments this year, including the €2,200 Freezeout onEPT Monte Carlo in May for more than €80,000.

Day 2 Top 10 Chip Counts

Position Player Country Chip counting Big blinds
1 Julien Sitbon France 6,940,000 174
2 Mohamed Aissaoui France 3,285,000 82
3 Jon Kyte Norway 2,930,000 73
4 Vladas Tamasauskas Lithuania 2,770,000 69
5 Jon Clark The United Kingdom 2,445,000 61
6 Conor Beresford The United Kingdom 2,265,000 57
7 Vincenzo Schiavottiello Italy 2,105,000 53
8 Guy Leathley The United Kingdom 1,965,000 49
9 Olivier Arnault France 1,900,000 48
10 Igor D’Ursel Belgium 1,745,000 44

Other notable figures on Day 3 include the WSOP Main Event champion Martin Jacobsen (285,000), Walter Treccarichi (485,000) and Pannat Punsri (1,405,000). French level, we always count Olivier Arnault (1,900,000) and Fabrice Bigot (760,000).

There were many big hands throughout the day, including a long battle in between Jon Kyte and Pedro Neves which constantly met in 3-bet pools. But in the end it was Kyte who got the last laugh when the Norwegian’s queens beat Neves’ aces in a 5-bet pot. Kyte hit a river to eliminate the unlucky Neves.

A defining moment came for Sitbon in one of the final courts of the day when his jack king turned into a nut while his opponent Alexandros Dranovitsas had hit two pairs. All the chips went mid-river, driving Sitbon to the heights and eliminating Dranovitsas.

At the next level, Sitbon continued his ascent by eliminating Roberto Romanelloand then find a full house on the river against the set of aces Robin Scheidegger to a huge pot, much to the frustration of the Swiss. After that, no other player could match Sitbon’s mountain of chips.

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