It’s the ultimate desk for work and play, with a big sale on Amazon

News good deal It’s the ultimate desk for work and play, with a big sale on Amazon

A desk to sit or stand is not new, but this one is on sale thanks to a coupon directly on Amazon. Your back will thank you.

You’ve thought about choosing a flexible desk to spend some time on your feet during your gaming or working hours, but you haven’t taken the plunge yet. Now might be the time with this discount right now on Amazon. With a motorized system and preset modesthis Flexispot is a good office.

Buy the Flexispot desk for €269.99 on Amazon

To listen to the price, I advise you to sit down. It says €379.99, but if you look well below the price, you can check a simple box to add a coupon that takes €110 off the bill, making it go from €379.99 to €269.99.

A flexible office that lives up to its name

It’s not that complicated: it’s a desk like you know thousands, but this one has a motor to raise or lower the top. The frame is made of steel, which gives a real feeling of solidity.

The motor emits less than 50 dB (normal intensity when speaking). The frame also has an anti-collision system that detects any object under the desk when it is in the downward phase. On the keyboard, in addition buttons to adjust the height and memorize itthere is a “sit-stand” reminder button to let you know if you are sitting too long and need to get up to relieve your legs and back.

The desk can support a maximum weight of 100 kg. Everyone should have back problems at least once in their life, and it is this kind of device that can try to limit the damage in people of all ages. While this desk is of course more expensive than a conventional desk, this simple feature can completely change the way you spend your minimum 8 hour day, which is not to be overlooked.

Buy the Flexispot desk for €269.99 on Amazon

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