It will be years before we see Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming streaming box

There won’t be a streaming box for Xbox Cloud Gaming, at least not for several years. However, the project was indeed developed within Microsoft.

Many gamers were eagerly awaiting this product before succumbing to the delights of streaming gaming. Microsoft announced plans last year to produce a “streaming device” for its Xbox Cloud Gaming service. Once connected to the television, this box would have made it possible to play the catalog of the platform, without having an Xbox console.

The postponed project

Unfortunately, the Keystone project is not about to be launched. Phil Spencer, the CEO of the Microsoft Gaming division, indicated that this product would not be released for “several years”. If it is marketed one day… However, the device is indeed present in a photo that he shared on social networks!

At a conference of Wall Street Journalhe described Keystone as “ the codename for something we incubated internally was a streaming console, so no local play, low cost “. At the end of the spring, Microsoft began working with Samsung to develop an Xbox application for the manufacturer’s connected televisions.

Obviously, the publisher has therefore decided to start a new strategy focused on software rather than hardware. However, it is not a funeral for Keystone: ” Will we make a streaming device at some point? I think so, but in several years “.

The size of the device, which looked like a small Xbox Series S, may have weighed in on this decision. Users would have expected a Chromecast type format when there it was obviously a “real” box. See you in a few years…

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