It is possible to be insured (for sure) against bed bugs

They are microscopic but can ruin your life. Over the past 5 years, 11% of French people have been affected by bed bugs in their homes, according to a survey published in August by Ipsos for “This risk is not covered by almost all home insurance“says Nicolas Roux de Bézieux, founder of Badbugs. To remedy this, this platform, launched in 2019, has just created, with the IMA (Inter Mutuelles Assistance) group, insurance against bed bugs. “For get rid of bedbugs, households pay on average nearly 1000 euros including 476 euros for the interventions of professionals (2 in the space of 2 weeks), says Nicolas Roux de Bézieux. But the remaining 500 and some euros (discarded and replaced furniture, “homemade” treatments, etc.)have useless or ineffective“.

For 2 euros per month (the 24 euros are actually paid in one go), the insurance only covers all the costs incurred – 500 euros maximum – to have your accommodation cleaned by an expert. Insurance therefore does not benefit those who wish to fend for themselves. “90% of bed bug victims treat their accommodation themselves. It costs them 30% more than a treatment by a professional“, emphasizes Nicolas Roux de Bézieux. The treatment costs are paid by individuals – owners or tenants – and then reimbursed by the insurer.within 15 days-3 weeks“, assures the founder of Badbugs. “In the case of a rental, the 24 euros of insurance are recoverable by the owner“, he adds. In addition, this 1-year insurance, automatically renewable, can be canceled at any time, once the 12 months have passed, with a waiting period of 3 months. In addition, it covers 1 claim per year. Finally, the time of the intervention, the insurance allows you to be compensated for one night in a hotel up to 80 euros per person.

Objective: 10,000 insurances in 1 year

As often, the financial aspect is not enough to reassure individuals. They need to be accompanied. Badly advised people spend on average 64% more and take 6 additional weeks to overcome the infestation, according to the Ipsos survey. Badbugs has launched a hotline open 7 days a week to guide individuals. And that’s not all. Bed bugs are an often underestimated trauma. They were the source of 72,000 medical consultations in 2019, according to Inserm, due to sleep disorders or inconvenience in the social or professional life of those affected. The insurance set up by Badbugs allows you to benefit from 5 sessions with a psychotherapist. And thus end the nightmare. “Bed bugs are a problem that affects everyone and all homes“recalls Nicolas Roux de Bézieux who is aiming for 10,000 insurance subscriptions within a year.

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