Insurance. The customer relationship award awarded to Macif

Niortaise mutual Macif has just been awarded by the blog “The prize of customer relationship awards”, Macif announces in a press release.

The author of this blog, Thierry Spencer, publishes every year since 2008 a ranking of the companies that have received the largest number of trophies in the field of customer relations in France. For this, it lists all trophies awarded by eight different and independent organizations. He explains: 2022 is a year in which there is again a record for the number of awarded companies, and it is Macif that stands out among 99 different companies or organizations. It is a real achievement, it is also the recognition through these trophies of the many initiatives to improve the experience offered to its customers and members.

Dominique Russo, Customer and Member Experience Director at Macif, adds:It has been a very good year for the teams, because it is above all their work that is praised. The customer experience is first and foremost about loving your members and customers, showing empathy and humility. Trust, sincerity and authenticity must guide our actions. We can talk about tools or even digital, but if there is no human, it does not work.

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