Innovation & Startup: Amazon and Snapchat have decided to collaborate

Amazon and Snapchat have decided to forge a one-off partnership. But if the results are up to expectations, this partnership could last. It must be admitted that the two companies could find an interest in it. The goal is to allow Snapchat users to try a product before buying it on Amazon!

An interesting partnership

When you want to buy a product online, sometimes you find it difficult to take the step because you cannot try them. This is particularly the case for certain products such as glasses. Also, Snapchat wants to allow its users to carry out some virtual tests thanks to augmented reality.

Amazon has unveiled several models of branded glasses, sunglasses or even prescription glasses. Everyone can find their happiness. The American giant has transmitted all the information to Snapchat and the user can try them virtually on the social network. Then he can buy them directly on Amazon Fashion.

A life-size test

This partnership was designed to give a boost to both Snapchat and Amazon. Indeed, it offers the possibility of testing the 3D Asset technology which has been at the heart of the debates for several months now. Users can navigate from one platform to another, and this collaboration was designed to last. For the moment, the tests are in progress.

And the first results are very encouraging. We learn that Snapchat users are receptive to this new emerging trend. You have to admit, it’s a good idea, isn’t it? What do you think ? We are looking forward to your opinions on this novelty!

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