How to insure a 50cc scooter?

How to insure a 50cc scooter?

Should you insure a scooter for your daily trips or for your child’s travels? Here are some tips and information for taking out scooter insurance adapted to your insured profile.

Who can ride a 50cc scooter?

Before talking about scooter insurance agreement, it is important to know who can drive it. This will actually partly determine the price of scooter insurance.

You need to know that these two wheels can be driven from 14 years, provided you have the AM licence. Since 2013, this license has actually replaced the BSR scooter certificate (Road Safety Certificate). It is valid for 15 years. To achieve this, university students must pass a theoretical part, which takes place during their teaching hours. This is ASSR. Then they have a practical part of 8 hours, which must be completed over two days with a driving school. This allows them to learn the rules of the road and the safety that comes with it.

This information is important, because it is the parents who must be responsible for finding scooter insurance. This is also the case with scooter insurance guarantees, because a young teenager is often less justified than an adult. It is not uncommon to see them practicing doing a back flip in a parking lot. Material damage to the scooter is common. The choice of scooter insurance should therefore not be taken lightly, even if parents think their child will take care.

If you have yours BSR scooter certificate before 1988, you do not need to pass your AM license. So if you are thinking of buying a scooter to get around town and work, you can do it without going to a driving school. However, if you have never driven a scooter before, it is recommended that you take a few special BSR scooter driving lessons.

What insurance for 50cc scooter?

As with any insurance contract, you have the choice between several formulas. You therefore have the option of take out scooter insurance:

  • third part
  • intermediate
  • all risks

Third party insurance

Third party insurance is also called liability guarantee. It makes it possible to compensate a third party if the driver of the scooter causes him material damage or bodily injury during a claim. On the other hand, your third-party insurance does not allow you to replace yourself if you are responsible for the accident. You will only be covered by the other person’s liability insurance if you are not responsible. This therefore implies that the third party could be identified and did not run away.

This is the first level of guarantee. If it costs the least, we do not recommend this formula for a teenager, and even more generally for any two-wheeled driver. Now, if you are limited in budget, choose at least the driver’s body warranty. This will allow you to be compensated if you are injured while riding your scooter, even in the case of a simple skid on the road.

Intermediate insurance

With this extended liability coverage, you will be eligible for more scooter insurance coverage. You can actually get compensation in case of theft or fire of your scooter. If you have a relatively new scooter of a well-known brand, this is the minimum formula to subscribe. It will be the same if your scooter is not parked in a closed garage. Here you should again take out the physical guarantee.

All risk insurance

It is the scooter insurance agreement that provides the most guarantees. It allows you to get compensation even if you are responsible for the accident or if the third party could not be confronted, such as trying to avoid an animal. You’ll also have all the guarantees we’ve mentioned with third-party and extended third-party insurance. For this you can also take advantage of one support for your mandatory equipment, namely the helmet and gloves. You will also have access to additional options, such as warranty for accessories (top cover, back protector, jacket, etc.).

How to insure a 50cc scooter?

How to insure a scooter online?

Now that you know the motorcycle scooter insurance guarantees, let’s see how to insure your scooter.

Get a quote on scooter insurance

To know the price of scooter insurance that is adapted to your needs, it is essential to carefully study several proposals in a similar range. You obviously can’t compare offers on scooter insurance all risks with a third party formula. On the other hand, you can add options to know the variation of the prize.

To get quotes on scooter insurance, you can simply do your research on the internet. Just make your request on an online comparator. This process is completely free and without obligation. In addition, it is very fast, as you will receive the various proposals in your mailbox in a few minutes.

To study scooter insurance contracts, you also have the option request a scooter insurance broker. This makes it possible to meet specific needs, especially if you plan to use 50cc scooters within your company, to make deliveries. He will be able to negotiate the best scooter insurance price for you, as well as the options to add to the motorcycle scooter insurance contract. Be careful, the scooter insurance broker does not work for free and that is normal. He is paid by commission or negotiates a percentage with the insurance companies.

Take out your scooter insurance

Today, you no longer need to make an appointment with an adviser to take out insurance, whatever it may be. Procedures can be done online.

After studying the estimate in detail, with guarantees, exclusions of guarantee and excess, you will be able to sign the insurance agreement with an electronic signature. Then you will have to submit the following supporting documents :

  • The scooter’s gray card
  • Copy of the BSR or AM licence
  • A rib
  • An ID

Once the first direct debit has been made, you will receive your motorcycle scooter insurance certificateeither via e-mail or at your insured seat.

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