How do you start quitting smoking with the e-cigarette?

In France, 15 million people smoke daily. Picking up the lighter to take a puff is a habit latte devotees struggle to break. Quitting smoking is always among the good resolutions without ever coming true. But if grandma’s methods seem ridiculous compared to the extent of the addiction, there is an alternative that makes sense: the electronic cigarette.

Less hazardous to health and more practical, it makes it possible to hang the ashtray gently. But before you make big clouds of sugar flavor, you still need to know the rules that govern the art of vaping. To enlighten you, Maxime Tricaud, marketing manager of Ecigplanete, one of the giants of the sector, gives us an interview with “good practice”. After this complete overview, the electronic cigarette will have no more secrets for you.

The body optimist: Can you introduce Ecigplanete in a few words? What makes it special compared to other commercial websites?

Maxime Tricaud: “The ecigplanet is one website specializing in the sale of electronic cigarettese-liquids, DIY, PUFF and CBD since 2014. We offer a very broad product catalog with more than 13,000 references. It is the most competitive site on the market. Ecigplanete regularly publishes offers in addition to permanent offers: discount coupon, sponsorship, first order offer.

We also own several brands of e-liquids and flavors produced in France with original flavors. This is the case with Like A Woman, Eden Garden, Senshi Flavor, Ma Vape Bio, Cristal Vape, Cristal Puff, Nordic Vikings. We want make vaping accessible to as many people as possible “.

It is said that the gun is 95% less dangerous than smoked tobacco, why? What exactly is vaping?

“We all know that quitting smoking is a difficult process, and this is where e-cigarettes come in. In fact, numerous studies and testimonies prove that vaping is the best quit smoking tool ahead of the usual nicotine replacements such as patches, lozenges, oral sprays or even chewing gum.

Starting with the 2021 survey in the UK “Effectiveness of using e-cigarettes to quit smoking compared with other cessation methods among UK adults” who demonstrated itsmoking cessation with electronic cigarettes is 5 times more effective than without aids.

Not to mention that a report from the UK Department of Health compared the harmfulness of smoked tobacco with vaping thanks to 400 studies and concluded that the electronic cigarette was 95% less dangerous than tobacco !

In addition to being the best nicotine replacement, quitting smoking with the help of electronic cigarettes offers other benefits. Especially one reduction of withdrawal symptomsaccording to the German study “The Consequence of Vaping vs Quitting All Nicotine”as well as one gradual recovery of taste, both by quitting smoking, but also with the taste of e-liquids more varied than each other. Significant benefits!

In addition, even if the electronic cigarette is not reimbursed by the social security, mutual health insurance companies that are convinced of the effectiveness of the electronic cigarette offer a full or partial reimbursement of an electronic cigarette to their members”.

“First, to move towards electronic cigarettes are recommended for beginners At Ecigplanete we select models that offer an experience close to the classic cigarette in terms of inhalation and the amount of vapor released. Under no circumstances do we recommend systems that release a large amount of steam.

Then go towards an appropriate nicotine level based on cigarette consumption. 18mg is the highest rate, rather recommended for people who smoke 30-40 cigarettes a day. 12mg for people who smoke 20 cigarettes a day. 6 mg for people who smoke 10 cigarettes a day.

At least it won’t be necessary do not choose too low a rate especially at the beginning of abstinence so as not to relapse into smoking”.

What e-liquid would you recommend to start a transition to the electronic cigarette?

“We recommend starting with brands that offer e-liquids in 10 ml vials to have a nicotine e-liquid, such as the brand Cristal Vape or Ma Vape Bio. Both are marketed on Ecigplanete.

In addition to the 10 ml capacity, the law requires us to sell e-liquids without nicotinebut it is still possible to get a 3mg or 6mg mix using nicotine boosters, but these levels are often too low for beginners”.

Besides e-liquids, what do you need when learning about e-cigarettes?

“In any case, it will be necessary:

  • of resist (kits usually come with one or two resistors). Resistance is very important because it is what will produce steam and bring vape experience. The higher the value of a resistor (greater than 0.8 ohms), the less current it will require, the production of vapor will be easy, which we recommend for beginners.
  • of batteries : there are 2 types of electronic cigarettes at this point. electronic cigarettes with integrated battery and electronic cigarettes with removable battery (more commonly called “batteries”). It will therefore be necessary to acquire one or two batteries in this case, the advantage is that the user will never be able to run out of battery by carrying an extra battery.
  • -one battery charger : in the case of using batteries it is recommended to charged with a charger intended for this purpose to preserve their longevity. All these accessories are available at Ecigplanete”.

“There is no real risk. Electronic cigarettes are equipped with safety systems limits all hazards. Explosion accidents, as reported by some media, are due to the transportation of batteries without protection. It is a mistake when handling or buying batteries on non-specialized platforms. The batteries that we market on Ecigplanete all have one non-explosive chemistry.

However, we recommend:

  • never expose your electronic cigarette to direct sunlightespecially in the summer (the battery will reach too high a temperature and in extreme cases can degas (and not explode).
  • of always be present during charging of his electronic cigarette or his batteries
  • of do not choose electronic cigarettes of the mechanical type. They have no electronic system and therefore no protection. These are reserved for “experts”.
  • of keep e-liquids out of the reach of children “.

How is the e-cigarette a good substitute for tobacco?

“The electronic cigarette makes it possible keep the gesture and one adequate nicotine intake. It also makes it possible to reduce the dose of nicotine over time to eventually stop nicotine altogether. On the other hand, by choosing different flavors than tobacco users will be able to weaning also “tasty”.

The electronic cigarette has too greater success due to higher taxes. The price of a pack of cigarettes is more than €10 today. Finally, manufacturers are now able to develop electronic cigarettes simple to use and at affordable prices. Count between €10 and €15. A profitable choice therefore”.

Ecigplanete is a safe place where high quality products and expert advice meet. The complete range to navigate this amazing family of vape. With the electronic cigarette, quitting smoking becomes almost child’s play. This is enough to reduce the most pessimistic opinions to ashes. Ecigplanete allows you to gently turn away from this cigarette that tirelessly slipped behind the ear.

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