How do you create your Amazon Wish List?

The 2023 Winter Sale is starting soon, and if you’re a regular Amazon customer, you might know that the famous marketplace offers a very handy option: the wish list. The latter allows you to select the products that interest you the most and add them to a list so you can find them easily. In this article, we give you more details on how it works.

How does an Amazon listing work?

This is a tool for you to create a list of Amazon items that you want to buy in the future. To create an idea list, first navigate to your idea lists and then select Create Idea List. Next, enter a name and description, then select Create. It is possible to add an item to your list from the item details page. In addition, you should know that it is very easy to share your wish list on social networks. We explain how to do it below.

How do you share your Amazon wish list?

To share your Amazon wish list, first select Lists and then open the list to share. Then select Share before entering the name of the groups or people you want to share this list with. People you add under Buy Only will only be able to buy items from the list, but they won’t be able to edit the list. People added under the Edit + Buy option will be able to add or remove items and change item quantities.

On the other hand, if you want to share your list with someone outside of your organization, select the option to generate a link and send them the URL. When you have added people or groups under the Edit + buy option, you also have the option to choose to send the list by email to the added people or groups.

How can I see someone’s Amazon wish list?

Want to see a friend’s Amazon listing? It is absolutely possible to do it! To do this, just send him a message to ask him to share it. To do this, go to your contacts, select Send this message via email, and then enter their email address before sending the message to them. This can be very useful for wedding or birth lists where multiple people are contributing. Nothing like the sales period at the beginning of the year to take advantage of the best prices!

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