Here’s why Microsoft Teams will atomize your productivity

Microsoft integrates Teams with a gallery of multiplayer games for up to 250 people. The goal: to increase your productivity. Yes yes.

You can love or hate teleworking, many agree on one point: its biggest flaw is undoubtedly the fact that you spend less time with your colleagues. To try to remedy this a little, Microsoft has decided to integrate Teams, its instant messaging tool natively installed in Windows 11, a user-friendly and easily accessible gaming service. What to play on any PC under Windows therefore. To launch the service, go to this dedicated page.

Don’t wait for Fall Guys or other 3D games. Microsoft plays the card of efficiency and icebreaker with a Lonely, a card game, a mining game and a question and answer game. All these games of course work in multiplayer from 2 to 250 players and are “safe for work” and, it should be noted, without advertising.

Game-enhanced productivity

These games, even if they are great classics, have been adapted and developed by Microsoft teams, namely the Microsoft Casual Games team which is part of Xbox Games studios.

“More than 3 billion people around the world play games, which play a crucial role in bringing people together, especially in recent years”, says Jill Braff, project manager. The idea is therefore not new, it is a question of proposing within a professional application a few more “team building” tools. According to a Brigham Young University study, cited by Microsoft, teams that played short video games together were 20% more productive than those that participated in more traditional team building activities. You’ll know what to say to your boss when he finds you chaining tops 1 on Fall Guys or on Microsoft Teams Solitaire.

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