Health insurance: how do you cancel your mutual?

With regard to the cancellation of insurance policies, the laws allow for a certain formality to be observed. Each year, your mutual contract can generally be terminated on its anniversary date. As a rule, you cannot therefore cancel your health insurance at any time. This is possible by sending a cancellation letter to your insurance company. However, certain situations allow you to cancel your supplementary health insurance at any time. So how do you cancel your health insurance and what are the terms and conditions? We tell you everything.

Can you cancel your insurance at any time?

As a general rule, the termination of a mutual contract takes place on its anniversary date. Nevertheless, it is possible to cancel your mutual at any time after your first year of contribution.

This thanks to the law on the infra-annual termination of mutual health insurance, which entered into force on December 1, 2020. This decree allows French people to be able to request the termination of their health contract at any time after one year of commitment. And this without justification or punishment.

The only point to respect is the legal notice period once your request has been made. This period is specified in the terms of your contract. Do not hesitate to ask your organization for confirmation of this deadline.

Tip: this legal period is generally one month before the termination is not effective. If you sign a new contract, find out if there is a waiting period so that you can match the 2 deadlines.

I am changing health insurance

You have just taken out mutual insurance, can you cancel the contract before it starts?

You just entered into a mutual contract but want to withdraw? You have 14 days to give up your supplementary health insurance.

To do this, you must send a letter of withdrawal to your supplementary organization by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. This process carries no penalty and you will not be asked for a reason. Be aware that some mutual companies or insurance companies offer longer cancellation periods of up to 1 month.

You have mutual insurance, can you change it and cancel it?

Certain situations allow you to terminate your mutual before the end of the first year of the contract without proof or penalty. This mutual termination after expiration must meet certain conditions:

  • Move
  • Marital change
  • Compulsory company mutual
  • Retires

In this case, you must send your mutual termination letter to your supplemental organization justifying your change of situation.

Where should you send your mutual termination?

When requesting mutual termination after expiration or after expiration, the insured must send his request to his mutual organization.

Termination takes place by means of a letter of termination sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. You can also make your request via e-mail or via your customer area. The most important thing is to request the termination of your contract via a durable medium.

If you cancel your mutual after your first year’s contribution, you do not need to attach any documents. Conversely, if you are in your first year of subscription, you must justify a change in the situation.

What to remember if you want to cancel your mutual insurance agreement

To cancel your mutual, there are 2 situations:

  • Cancel your mutual insurance in the first year: this is only possible when there is a change in the situation: moving, remarriage, membership of a compulsory mutual company insurance company, cancellation of the contract by the insurance company or an unjustified rate increase.
  • Cancel your mutual insurance after the first year: The annual Mutual Health Act allows you to cancel your mutual insurance agreement at any time and without documentation.

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Good to know: Do you take out a new supplementary health insurance after your mutual termination? In this case, it is possible to delegate the cancellation procedures to your new health insurance company. Here, the new mutual organization takes care of all the termination procedures and allows you to enjoy the health coverage without interruption or waiting time.

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