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On Amazon, the Fire TV Stick 4K media player appears on promotion. Normally sold for 64.99 euros, it is offered with a 35% discount. Take advantage of this offer quickly!

Amazon is much more than an e-commerce company. In addition to offering many products at attractive prices, Amazon designs connected products for the home. Among these we can mention the Fire TV Stick 4K. This 4K streaming media player stick is the most powerful with Wi-Fi 6 support. Listed at €64.99, it currently enjoys a 35% discount, bringing the price down to just €41.99.

Fire TV Stick 4K is handy for on the go and easily slips into a suitcase or backpack!

35% off Fire TV 4K Max

To use Fire TV 4K Max, simply connect it to a TV or use the included HDMI extender. The power cable must then be plugged into a socket. You then need to connect the Fire TV Stick to the Internet and it is ready to use. Fire TV 4K Max

is 40% more powerful than Fire TV Stick 4K. With faster app start and smoother navigation. With it, you get a real cinema experience with 4K Ultra HD image in vivid colors, with support for Dolby Vision, HDR, HDR10+ and immersive Dolby Atmos sound. Your favorite applications like Prime Video, Netflix, myCanal or even Disney+ are available. This stick also allows you to watch live TV for free. With the voice remote control, you just need to use Alexa and thus your voice to start a program. On Amazon, Fire TV 4K Max appears for less than 42 euros.

See the Fire TV Stick offer

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