Graphics card: excellent price for the rival of the RTX 3070 Ti at Amazon

News good deal Graphics card: excellent price for the rival of the RTX 3070 Ti at Amazon

Amazon continues to offer good deals to the chain and what’s more, in a sector where we like there to be reductions, hardware! The graphics card that currently benefits from it is part of the latest generation from AMD and is placed in front of RTX 3070 Ti from Nvidia.

AMD’s RX 6800 is €569 at Amazon

So Amazon never ceases to amaze us with its promotions. With its plethoric catalog, we are almost sure to find everything we are looking for in terms of equipment. And the hardware is no exception to the rule, with great promotions on graphics cards.

At the moment, we find the RX 6800 from AMD which goes below the symbolic bar of 600€ ! A very competitive price for the graphics card which tries to compete with the RTX 3070 Ti from Nvidia. Its price thus falls from €629 to €569 thanks to a great promotion of 10%.

Buy the RX 6800 at 569€ at Amazon

RX 6800: do you want 4K? Here’s !

In the graphics card sector, everyone knows that there is a strong rivalry between the two players in the field: Nvidia and AMD. Competitors for years, these two tenors in the world of GPUs (Graphic Power Units) offer each year beautiful innovations that significantly improve the rendering, immersion and realism of our favorite video games.

In the latest generation of AMD products, we find, for the mid-range segment +, the RX 6800. This graphics card has been designed to compete directly with the RTX 3070 Ti from Nvidia, especially in terms of 4K. Indeed, with screens that are getting bigger and bigger, and definitions that keep getting bigger, it is necessary that the hardware can keep up.

But even in the face of fierce competition, the RX 6800 has strong arguments to make (beyond its price). With her raw power of 16GB of GDDR6 video memoryit is able to keep its greatest promise: to offer 4K at 60fps on most games. A promise that does not, however, hide the fact that in terms of Ray tracing, this graphics card is slightly less efficient than the RTX 3070 Ti.

However, this in no way detracts from the intrinsic qualities of this graphics card, which is able to offer an immersive and fluid gaming experience.

Buy the RX 6800 at 569€ at Amazon

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