Good deal – The Fujifilm X-H2S “5-star” camera box at €2,369.00

Fujifilm struck a blow by presenting its APS-C X-H2S case. With a list of features as long as your arm, the manufacturer wants to make its new camera a strong opponent capable of standing up to the best competitors.

Long the preserve of Canon and Nikon, then Sony, the world of sports photography is now open to Fujifilm. With the X-H2S, the manufacturer changes its tune and offers a case with a less singular construction and, above all, endowed with high-end performance on almost the whole line. Special mention to the autofocus, real sinews of war, which manages to titillate, without equaling, the best competitors. With the X-H2S, Fujifilm thus delivers one of the best APS-C cameras of the moment and perhaps even all categories combined thanks to its welcome versatility.

Strong points

  • Construction and ergonomics.
  • Resistance to moisture and dust.
  • Sensor stabilization.
  • General responsiveness.
  • Highly effective AF subject detection and tracking in stills and video.
  • Full video mode.
  • Image quality in video.
  • Mastery of rolling-shutter.
  • Viewfinder and touchscreen on ball joint.
  • Recharge by USB and shoot while powered.
  • Complete connectors and double slot for storage.

Weak points

  • Sometimes erratic autofocus tracking.
  • A few sprains to the “Fujifilm” ergonomics.
  • Maximum buffer memory perfectly usable only with a high-end memory card.
  • Too limited management of autofocus zones.
  • Limited exposure latitude.
  • Older menus.


With the X-H2, Fujifilm transforms the test. Its new range is very complete, very versatile and almost flawless. By nitpicking, we can always say that the APS-C X-Trans sensor, even if it is 40 Mpx, is always a step behind the 24×36 sensors of equivalent definition. Similarly, the autofocus tracking would need a little tweaking to reach the level of the best. The X-H2 remains an excellent case at ease on almost all terrains.

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