GitHub made Microsoft $1 billion this year

Microsoft unveiled its financial results for the first quarter of its new fiscal year 2023, from July to September, on October 25. For the first time since offering itself GitHub in 2018, the tech giant communicated on the financial data of the code hosting service open-source. In the space of four years, the platform has multiplied by 5 its turnover and by 3 its number of active users.

GitHub continues to grow

GitHub was acquired for $7.5 billion in June 2018 by Microsoft and since, radio silence. American society never shared information about the performance of the service. Four years later, she finally brings it up with an update on financial health of its acquisition.

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In a press release, Satya Nadella, President and CEO of Microsoft, announces that “ since our acquisition, GitHub has reached an annual turnover of one billion dollars and GitHub’s developer-centric ethos has never been stronger “. He adds that ” more than 90 million people are using this service today “. For comparison, GitHub generated $200 million per year in 2018 and then counted about 28 million people.

The alliance between Microsoft and GitHub is working well

Since the takeover, the Redmond-based company let GitHub and its people work their way. In 2018, developers on the platform worried about the direction that it could take under the control of Microsoft. They feared that changes would be made to the operation of the service and that free offers are reduced in favor of paid features.

Over the years, the reverse happened. GitHub continued to offer more and more services for free. The presence of Microsoft has also enabled to produce new tools. This is the case of GitHub Copilotan artificial intelligence capable of generating lines of code developed in partnership with OpenAI in July 2021.

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