Generali: the new version of ARTE Generali App starts

From now on, users of the ARTE Generali app will be able to find out more about developments in contemporary artists through the “My Art Market Trends” feature. The goal is to offer art collectors and amateurs an innovative tool to expand their knowledge. In particular, the new version is based on AI technology from Wondeur, a Canadian company.

“My Art Market Trends” is powered by AI technology from Wondeur, a game-changing Canadian company that provides the art community with the information it needs to better understand the world of contemporary art. This feature provides immediate access to artist data such as exhibitions, collections, acquisitions and publications. The tool also analyzes how these events are connected to provide predictions about the future prospects of artists and their works.

Jean Gazançon, Managing Director of ARTE Generali: “With the new version of the ARTE Generali application, we expand our digital services in the art market. With “My Art Market Trends”, we provide a unique tool on the market based on the latest technological innovations. As a lifelong partner for our customers, we have created another solution dedicated to art collectors, which allows them to expand their knowledge of art through digital tools.”

What makes “My Art Market Trends” unique is its ability to go beyond traditional views of the art world by going beyond the examination of market behavior normally used to determine valuations. This is important for artists, collectors and art professionals as sales do not necessarily determine value or future success.

How to use “My Art Market Trends”?

The user can enter the name of any contemporary artist in the search field and they will immediately receive real-time updated information on several types of data, including:

– the intrinsic value of the artist,

– the cash value,

– the business’s most recent transaction,

– the risk of changes in value,

– the museum’s dynamics and future prospects.

In addition to “My Art Market Trends”, the ARTE Generali application provides access to several additional functions:

– “MyEvaluation”an online appraisal service provided by an art expert from the Pablo Collection.

– “My Collection”which allows the user to create a virtual gallery to instantly access their list of artworks.

– “MyConcierge” allows ARTE Generali customers to request a professional concierge service for their works.

– “My documents”the filing system for all relevant insurance documents from ARTE Generali customers.

– “MyClaims”which allows ARTE Generali’s customers to submit a digital claim form with photos and documents.

This tool is available on the iOS App Store and for Android on Google Play for accounts registered in Germany, Italy and France. ARTE Generali customers have unlimited access to all the functions of the application. Other users can sign up for a free account to try the main features for a 180-day trial period. It is constantly updated to incorporate new features.

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