Games With Gold – December’s ‘free’ games announced by Microsoft

The confirmation of a two-game offer.

As media attention focuses on the war being waged Microsoft and sony At the time of putting an end to disagreements surrounding the acquisition of Activision Blizzard King, that the big year-end games have generally all arrived (with the exception of the expected High On Life and The Callisto Protocol) and that some are beginning to sweat profusely in their quest for the perfect Christmas gift… it’s Games With Gold’s turn to stand out. Finally to stand out… Let’s face it, suffocated by the Xbox Game Passthe GWG is finding it more and more difficult at the moment, especially in the face of the “free” PlayStation Plus games that are coming louder in december.

It must be said, already amputated from the Xbox 360 generation, the Games With Gold seems to be struggling to find candidates to integrate its catalog, most certainly more interested in the Xbox Game Pass.

For the occasion, it is therefore on the independent side that Microsoft has decided to look with two titles. Two titles which do not deserve, even if they are no longer very young.

Colt Canyon will be the first of them. A title with an aesthetic soaked in pixel art sauce, this one offers a dive into the world of cowboys (who have just shone in moderation with Evil West) in order to do what they know how to do best: raise the barrel of their armed. Rogue-lite in 2D, playable in co-op with two players, the game from Retrific Game Studio offers what is expected of this kind of production, not without demerit in passing.

Then, in a different artistic style, and he too, resolutely charming, Bladed Fury sends directly into Chinese folklore in a 2D action game clearly inspired by Muramasa: The Demon Blade, famous VanillaWare bomb. Heated fights, a nice little walk of about five hours, Bladed Fury deserves to be done by the fireside while outside… it’s freezing.

There you go, you know all about the “free” games of the Games With Gold of December.


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