Full box for SpaceX and Starlink

By Carlos PIRES, the

Only good news for SpaceX over the past few days!

In addition to another success for a new mission star linkcarried out this Saturday by a Falcon 9 rocket, which was in its 15th launch, the constellation now has 54 more satellites, now totaling more than 3,300 still in orbit.

We also learn that SpaceX could begin launching second generation of Starlink satellites in the coming weeks to add more capacity to its increasingly congested broadband network, including direct-to-smartphone services. In the 16 December statutory applications with Federal Communications CommissionSpaceX said it expects begin launching Gen2 satellites by the end of December 2022 . The company previously announced plans to launch Gen2 satellites at least once a week.

Finally, the icing on the cake for the operator: the announcement of having exceeded the mark of one million active subscribers in the world, while there were only 250,000 last March, as we already hinted yesterday.

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