From TikTok to a series from the giant Amazon for this young Bastiaise

1.4 million subscribers, 120 million “likes”. These figures that make you dizzy are those of Mathilde, aka “mathildarie”, a 22-year-old young woman from Bastia who exploded on Tiktok during her imprisonment. His fame on the network allowed him to be seen to pass a casting and get a role in the series Darknet-sur-Merreleased on Amazon Prime in October.

A first professional recording, but above all a first step towards the world of cinema. “I always wanted to be an actress, slips Mathilde. TikTok has given me the opportunity to express my creativity freely and make myself known.”

A dazzling success

Especially since, in Bastia, where the young woman has lived since she was 14, the castings do not run on the streets. After a stay at the conservatory, when she was a student at Fangu high school, Mathilde decided on it “to go up to Paris”, to train for acting. But after two years at Cours Simon, the Covid-19 epidemic forced her to return to the island. “Nothing serious” ultimately. From the first confinement, she opened a TikTok account with her best friend. “Originally the idea was to do things between us and share all that with our friends”she says.

It must be said that at the time the Chinese platform was a dazzling success. At the end of April 2020, it broke the world record for the number of downloads and passed the two billion mark.

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Thirty videos a day

A few months later, in October, the young woman’s account experienced a real “boom”: “During the second lockdown, it was impressive. I was at 50,000 subscribers, I blinked, we were at 800,000.” It must be said that she is hyper-productive with around thirty videos produced per day. Although it has since slowed down a bit.

On her profile, she mainly publishes small sketches of about one minute, shot in total improvisation. She embodies characters or tells anecdotes from everyday life. All on the basis of self-deprecation. The formula works, creating content on social networks is now his full-time professional activity.


All the same arguments

♬ original sound – Mathilde

She is paid mainly thanks to the ads on the platform and the collaborations she negotiates with brands. His community that represents “almost 5 times the number of inhabitants of Corsica” is a gift to the brands it works with: 1.4 million potential customers.

But despite her popularity, the young woman did not overcome her shyness: “I know it may seem paradoxical, but I like being in my cocoon, that’s why I no longer want to leave Bastia, says Mathilde. It’s a city on a human scale, so it’s perfect for me.’ But on the Internet she does not refer to the region where she lives or to her private life, “a way to protect your family and protect yourself”.

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As for the future, Mathilde imagines herself divided between her activity on social networks and filming. One does not go without the other. “I’m well aware that without my society I might not have been discovered, so I won’t let go of the improvisations, that’s for sure.”

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