Fraud: his credit card is used in Bulgaria, bank and insurance refuse to reimburse him

Two credit card transactions, one for 500 euros and the other for 1,500 euros, were carried out with a Bulgarian merchant. Illustrative photo. (mastersenaiper/Pixabay)

A retiree was the victim of a credit card fraud which cost him 2,000 euros, paid to a business located in Bulgaria. The victim’s insurance company refused to reimburse the embezzled money, claiming that his client had failed to properly protect his secret code. Her daughters are fighting for redress.

An 83-year-old retiree living in the Tarn was the victim of a scam in early September for a total amount of 2,000 euros. A sum whose reimbursement is today refused to him, to the great displeasure of the daughters of the octogenarian. These do everything so that their father recovers this money, says

The Midi Dispatch

. It all started on September 7th.

Two payments on the same day

One of the daughters, Laurence, received a call from the Gaillac (Tarn) bank branch informing her that her father’s account was overdrawn. In question, two credit card payments made on the same day, one of 500 euros and the other of 1,500 euros. Laurence made up the overdraft and made the trip to the bank. She opposed the blue card and made a report on the Perceval teleservice of the Ministry of the Interior

The account holder for his part signed a letter of dispute stating that he had neither initiated nor authorized the transactions in question. Laurence therefore expected her father to be reimbursed, but nothing happened. The insurance replied after a few days that it could not “proceed with reimbursement for this type of transaction”.

Bank and insurance of the same opinion

The organization justified its decision by indicating that the transactions were carried out using a payment terminal, using the secret code of the credit card. The victim’s daughter then turned to her father’s bank, which advanced the same arguments. His father should have protected his secret code, the agency explained, adding that the payments were made to a Bulgarian trader in the roofing and construction sector.

Since the victim only used his bank card for his bread and newspaper, it has not been determined how the scammers obtained his bank card code. The most plausible scenario is that a person came to the retiree with a payment terminal. The octogenarian has however certified that he has not received any visits. Her daughter testified that she wanted to go “all the way”. She consulted a lawyer from the departmental council for access to law and intends to refer to the banking mediator.


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