For Halloween, discover an Amazon Prime Video short film scripted by Squeezie!

news culture For Halloween, discover an Amazon Prime Video short film scripted by Squeezie!

October 31 is coming and Halloween too! Enough to allow streamers and content creators to renew their proposals in accordance with the horror festival. As evidenced by the new initiative of Squeezie.


  • Squeezie, a horror lover
  • “It’s the first time and it’s very pleasant”

Squeezie, a horror lover

Halloween is coming! The eve of the saints (Hallow’s Eve, which gave its name to the feast of October 31) is often the pretext for many video games to bring themes related to this horrific event: pumpkin, ghosts and creatures of all kinds return already on different games (Overwatch as we saw it this morning but also Fortnite as mentioned yesterday).

An initiative also taken up by content creators which makes it possible to attract spectators, alone or in groups, on the evening of the 31st.

This is for example the case of the streamer and Youtuber Squeezie. King in France of the Google broadcasting platform, Lucas Hauchard is a big fan of everything related to horror since he has been broadcasting his games for a very long time on many video games of the genre. Since 2018, he has also taken up a concept where he writes a horror story on Twitter by exploiting the main feature of the social network: the 280 characters not to be exceeded. His story is therefore revealed through several tweets, allowing him to handle the suspense as he pleases.

“It’s the first time and it’s very pleasant”

A concept that works very well since it is even adapted into comics: volume 1 of Bleak has been available in bookstores since March 31. On this subject, it was during a live horror last week that Squeezie announced another adaptation: it will be in the form of short films, broadcast on the Prime Video platform on October 31, that Bleak: Who will be broadcast. The ad can be found below (starting from 26 minutes).

For Halloween guys, it will finally be time for the horror short film (…) We did that with Prime video. I won’t tell you more, but it’s 100% thanks to them. It feels good to have the support of a streaming platform to fund content. It’s the first time and it’s very pleasing, especially since fiction is very expensive.

See you on October 31 to learn more about Bleak: Who for a horror short film evening. What to wait before the pre-orders of volume 2 of Bleak.

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