FINISTERE. The Amazon platform opens its doors in Briec

A year after the start of construction and despite demonstrations hostile to the project, the Amazon platform located in Briec, in Finistère, has just been put into service this Thursday, October 27, 2022. A disappointment for opponents who also believe that the promises of the American giant were not kept.

The first trucks leave the large gray building, adorned with a world-famous logo. This is a sign that the activity has indeed started on the logistics platform of the American distribution giant, the first of its kind in Brittany.

A year after the start of construction, and despite opposition, the logistics platform is beginning to receive packages and redistribute them for what is called “the last mile”.

During the night of Wednesday to Thursday, telephone cables were cut near the logistics platform, with a sign indicating: “Amazon Briec, Stop, you are disconnected”, indicates the Telegram.

This commissioning is a disappointment for these two opponents, Catherine Malbranque and Martine Petit, members of the Stop Amazon Briec collective, who note that the promises have not been kept. “In terms of jobs, it was normally between 80 and 100 permanent contracts in the warehouse and 250 drivers. We see that what is announced is 30 people in the warehouse and only 40 deliverers“says Martine Petit.

This is always how the company works, adds Catherine Malbranque, by announcing a lot to seduce elected officials who seek to create jobs, but the promises are not kept“.

No more than they will be, according to the two opponents, for local taxes, the solar roof or the fleet of electric vehicles.

Amazon, which confirms its figures, indicates that it wants to hire ten additional people before the end of the year.

This company will always make colossal profits and in any case, if we can recover a few crumbs from it, it will only be better for the local, for everyone in absolute terms

The story is different behind the counter of the Cauldron Glazik, a truck stop in the industrial zone of Briec.

Even if for the boss, Arnaud Le Crozier, the arrival of Amazon “didn’t change much, except workers during the works“, the start of the platform “is very positive“.

For the restaurateur, who does not expect to have Amazon employees in his clientele, “this remains a good dynamism for the region.

The official inauguration of the platform will take place next February.

[SG (avec Julie Jeunemaitre)]

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