files hosted by Microsoft unavailable

The OneDrive service offered by Microsoft suffered a crash on Monday, January 2, 2023, reports Phonandroid . An information confirmed on Twitter by the computer giant, which causes a side effect due to a change to one of its applications. Result: OneDrive cloud storage was affected and many users could not access their backed up files for several hours.

The problematic function is “the one who displays the documents stored online”exact Frandroid . “We are investigating an issue that may prevent some users from accessing or opening files from”Microsoft said on Twitter.

Towards a resumption of service

Already at the beginning of the afternoon, the multinational assured that the error had been corrected and that the situation would return to normal. However, some Internet users still seemed to have difficulty accessing the OneDrive service normally, as they explained in a comment on Twitter.

Microsoft invites users to go to this address to see the status of its services: It is not known at this time whether this error will have consequences for the backup of Internet users’ data in the cloud.

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