File Locksmith and Hosts File Editor, plus the ability to save PowerToys settings

These are two relatively new known utilities, and it looks like the PowerToys development team has been busy getting them to users as quickly as possible. So what are these new tools?

The newly added ability to backup and restore PowerToys settings is something that will appeal to many users. It will facilitate the reinstallation of Windows and will allow the transfer of settings between computers. But while this addition is welcome, it’s the new utilities that will generate the most interest.

First, File Locksmith, which Microsoft describes as allowing users to see which processes are currently using selected files. It also allows these processes to be terminated, freeing up a file for editing or deletion. The second new utility is Hosts File Editor which allows you to edit your hosts file in an editor user interface.

A notable change to the popular FancyZones tool means that you can now set default values ​​for horizontal/vertical screens to get better expected behavior for new screens and cases where an ID monitor resets.

Download PowerToys v0.64.0

Source: Microsoft PowerToys on GitHub

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