FCC authorizes SpaceX to place 7,500 additional satellites in orbit

SpaceX still sets itself the goal of deploying an armada of 30,000 “internet” satellites in space. And despite the pleas of astronomers who fear seeing their observations polluted, the FCC is frankly understanding: after having authorized the launch of 12,000 first-generation Starlink satellites (a division of SpaceX), the Federal Communications Commission has just approved the in orbit of 7500 additional satellites (second generation). These satellites will be positioned in orbit at an altitude of between 525 and 535 km.

Even if the FCC refused to give the green light to the complete armada of 30,000 satellites, these successive authorizations are still the business of Starlink/SpaceX. As a reminder, the second generation Starlink satellites are larger than the first generation, mainly because of massive luer antennas which will be able to communicate directly with land mobiles. Starlink has already signed a contract with T-Mobile for a future subscription to satellite internet via the subscriber’s smartphone.

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