Everything you need to know about young driver car insurance

Get your license and feeling free and independent is a big step in the life of a young person. But before embarking on the adventure, you must go through the administrative documents box, which is not the most obvious. Choosing the most appropriate insurance for your vehicle and its driving is an important choice, not to be neglected. Here is some tips to help a young driver find the insurance he needs.

young driver status

It exists two types of contracts when registering for the license To drive :

  • Accompanied driving: by a parent or close friend, to cover 3,000 km over a year, to be done after 20 hours of driving with the driving school.
  • Supervised driving: the license is passed after a minimum of 20 hours of driving, supervised by the driving school.

These two types of driving will have an impact on the duration of the probationary license. Indeed, for young people who have done accompanied driving, they are therefore supposed to have more skills and knowledge of the vehicle, so the duration of the probationary license is 2 years, unlike the license with supervised driving, which is a period of 3 years of probation.

The duration of the probationary license will then depend on the price of the insurance. Indeed, a young driver will pay more for his car insurance, because it is more likely to cause an accident. The status of young driver can have a strong impact on the price of car insurance, which is added as a “surcharge”which therefore goes withdraw when the probationary period ends.

How to find the right insurance for a young driver?

For insurance companies, a young driver is a risky driver. It is therefore essential for them to raise the price of insurance accordingly, and avoid the risk of loss. Finding the right insurance company is possible, you can already go to your current insurance to see the potential contracts she offers. Then you can make quotes online to compare the different prices and options included in the contracts.

According to the price of the insurance

According to the price of the insurance

As mentioned previously, the price of the insurance depends on the additional premium imposed by the insurance company. Even though this price is framed by lawit may slightly vary depending on the type of license, always favoring licenses with accompanied driving who have more driving experience. To get out of this premium payment, the driver must prove two or three years of responsible driving, accident-free of which it is in question. The young driver must therefore watch his driving to optimize the price of its insurance.

The penalty and bonus system is in place on insurance contracts for young drivers, with the same operation as classic car insurance. Indeed, if the young driver is involved in an accident, he will obtain penalties which will increase the price of his insurance. For avoid penalties and even favor bonuses, it’s necessary accumulate accident-free years and adopt a serene and responsible conduct.

Depending on other driving factors

The price of car insurance for a young driver, in addition to varying from the type of license and the quality of driving of the insured, depends on other factors :

  • The vehicle to be insured
  • The type of vehicle use
  • The main place of circulation
  • Driver’s age
  • Driving history
  • The mileage of the car

For insurers, taking these elements into account makes it possible to set the best car insurance formula. The vehicle must not limit a certain power during the probationary period, it is therefore necessary to opt for a vehicle with a young license. To give you an idea, the models most used by young drivers are the Renault Clio, the Peugeot 206, or even the Volkswagen Golf. These vehicles are most often insured for young drivers and insurance companies are used to this type of vehicle for young drivers.

Now you know the details about auto insurance for young drivers, all you have to do is hit the road!

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