EPT London Main Event and £664,400 for Ian Hamilton after the All-British Heads-Up

ian hamilton

The British ian hamilton became the first champion inEuropean Poker Tour (EPT) on British soil for eight years by winning PokerStars EPT London £5,300 Main Event to £664,400 and his first EPT title. The 31-year-old had a very good run through the more than eight hours of Day 6, moving up his fellow wrestler’s considerable chip lead Jack Sinclair.

“After a couple of levels I felt a bit demoralized and then I came back and thought it was time to go for it and fight,” Hamilton said in an interview with Joe Stapleton. “We’re here now, let’s enjoy it while we can”.

There were only six players left in a field of 749 players heading into the final day of the tournament, which generated a prize pool of £3,632,650. Among these players, the Swiss Alexandre Vuilleumier (3rd – £296,150), day 5 chip leader, Roman Hrabec from the Czech Republic (4th – £227,800) and Romanian filmmaker Danut Chisu (5th – £175,250).

The last two French representatives in this Main Event, Benjamin Pollack and Nicolas Vayssieres were both eliminated on Day 5, in 11th (£49,350) and 13th (£41,100) respectively.

Results Final Table £5,300 EPT Main Event

1 ian hamilton The United Kingdom £664,400
2 Jack Sinclair The United Kingdom £414,650
3 Alexandre Vuilleumier Switzerland £296,150
4 Roman Hrabec The Czech Republic £227,800
5 Danut Chisu Romania £175,250
6 Nils Poodle Germany £134,800
7 David Docherty The United Kingdom £103,700
8 Harry Lodge The United Kingdom £79,750

A historic victory

Hamilton, who had $271,971 in live tournament winnings ahead of the EPT London Main Event, according to Hendon Mobstarted the day with a short stack but was able to stay afloat with good help from the variance.

In a decisive hand early in the day, Hamilton managed to emerge alive from an ace-five vs. ace-queen on Vuilleumier, with only three outs to stay in the tournament. The river brought him a miracle five for an improbable double up, sending screams exploding in the rail.

ian hamilton

What does Hamilton think of his incredible run on Day 6?

“Months of bad running preceded it,” Hamilton told Stapleton with a laugh.

Throughout the final table, Hamilton’s face was heavily obscured by a dark hoodie and a pair of sunglasses reminiscent of the golden age of televised poker. But when the last card fell, we could tell that the British grinder was all smiles.

“It’s just my thing to block out what’s going on around me and try to play my cards without worrying about all the screens and all the commotion,” he explained.

Sinclair passes next to a victory again

We could have believed in Sinclair’s victory in this EPT London, seen as the winner of World Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE) 2018 dominated the final table and went heads-up with a large chip lead.

But Sinclair, who had the help of his infamous hippo card protector and his father in the rail, had to settle for second place, months after another second place finish in a major tournament in just a few months. In August last year, he completed runner-up in the €1,100 Estrellas Poker Tour Main Event at EPT Barcelonafor €377,120, ahead of the Dutchman Rick van Bruggen.

Jack Sinclair

A result that may have left the British poker pro’s taste a little sour, but nonetheless added £414,650 to his $4.7 million career live earnings.

Action on day 6

German Nils Poodle was first out on Day 6, and fell hard when his pocket aces in hand were broken by Sinclair’s runner-runner flush with ace-king.

Nils Poodle

Shortly after, Romanian Chisu lost in fifth place as his king-jack could do nothing against the ladies from Vuilleumier.

It was also a turnaround for Hrabec, a former ice hockey pro who had started the day as the chip leader but was eliminated in fourth place when his ace-ten was dominated by Sinclair’s ace-jack.

Roman Hrabec

Hamilton kept a low profile for most of the final table, but that changed when he decided to open-shove with queen-jack in hand, followed by ace-queen on Vuilleumier, who had a slightly smaller stack. The latter could not meet Hamilton, who hit a straight to eliminate his Swiss opponent.

Despite going into heads-up play with a clear chip deficit, Hamilton was able to double up Sinclair and take the lead, turning his hand into a set to take a big pot from the 2018 WSOPE champion.

On the final hand of the tournament, Sinclair went all out with Ace-Queen at the wrong time when he faced Hamilton’s Ace-King. Both players managed to flop gutshots, but bricks on the turn and river left Hamilton with the winning hand to claim the precious title.

“I feel very good,” Hamilton said after the victory. “I’m very tired, it’s been six long, long days.”

Ian Hamilton receives the trophy

This concludes the coverage of the teams of PokerNews.com from the £5,300 Main Event at EPT London, to the luxurious Hilton Park Lane. As usual, you can follow all the news about the festival’s other events.

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