Elon Musk would be the inventor of Bitcoin, says “supporting evidence” this former SpaceX intern

Years after its creation, the largest and oldest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has managed to preserve the anonymity of its true creator. The mysterious person actually covers himself under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto. So far, it is unknown who the person (or perhaps the group of individuals) behind this name is. That said, a man named Sahil Gupta, a former SpaceX intern, had already tried to unravel the mystery, having put the general public on some fairly relevant tracks. It is “almost” certain that Elon Musk is Satoshi Nakamoto. This is obviously information that the billionaire had denied as a whole. However, Sahil Gupta continues to insist on his assumptions based on the commonalities he discovered.

“Linguistic” similarities

Sahil Gupta, the fervent investigator in this story, went so far as to analyze the languages ​​of Satoshi and Elon Musk. He then managed to identify commonalities in their way of speaking and writing. For example, in Satoshi Nakamoto’s forum posts, the terms ” bloody hard» (very difficult) and «order of magnitude(order of magnitude), come up frequently. These are terms that, coincidentally, are uttered very often by Musk. Another note: the creator of Bitcoin used to place adouble space after dots in his posts. Which is also the case for the creator of SpaceX. Satoshi Nakamoto also tended to mix British English and American English in his sentences. Some believe this is done on purpose to confuse web sleuths. Our investigator thinks that Musk could easily adopt this way of communicating, because he spent his childhood in South Africa, a British colony, before moving to Canada and the United States. It is therefore ” logicaccording to Sahil Gupta that he easily adapts to both language variants.

Musk and Nakamoto: C++ pros

One of Sahil Gupta’s main findings is this: Bitcoin’s source code was written in C++. This would have been useless information if the famous billionaire did not master this computer language. Indeed, Elon Musk’s software, including Zip2 and X.com were coded in C++. According to the ex-SpaceX intern, one would easily think that Musk would be able to write the source code for Bitcoin.

Elon Musk and DogCoin. Photo credit: Shutterstock / john smith williams

A strange telephone exchange

A few years earlier, Gupta had spoken with a former Musk chief of staff, Sam Teller. It was an opportunity for him to pop the question and ask Teller if Elon Musk was Satoshi. His interlocutor had then answered him in an ambiguous way. Teller reportedly remained silent for about 15 seconds before replying:Well, what can I say?“. This sentence further strengthened Gupta’s hypothesis. So, coincidence, all these things? In any case, although he says he is almost convinced of his analyses, in one of his articles, Gupta still seems to give Musk the benefit of the doubt by ending with this friendly sentence:“Elon—if you’re Satoshi, thank you. Otherwise, well, thank you for inventing the Tesla Roadster. »

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