Elon Musk wants to make certification badges paid on Twitter

As soon as he arrived at the head of the social network Twitter, Elon Musk has big plans for the bird. With a $ 44 billion takeover, Twitter is a very big project for Elon Musk who was already a very active user on the social network. But such a sum must be made profitable and Musk knows it, the business model of Twitter is quite precarious.

While the former owners had already tried to make the application profitable with the arrival of a subscription system, Twitter Blue, Elon Musk would have decided to change the offer. According to information from the American media The Verge, the boss of SpaceX and Tesla would have asked the Twitter teams to make the option more complete. In particular, it should give access to the certification badge.

Elon Musk wants to make his purchase profitable

This is not the only strong decision made by Elon Musk to make Twitter profitable. The boss, who arrived at the head of the social network barely 48 hours ago, intends to reduce the payroll by 75% (about 5,600 jobs). In addition to these massive layoffs, Twitter should therefore develop a new subscription formula, more complete than Twitter Blue.

Today, this paying service notably allowed access to editing messages on the social network. This feature should be made free and universal by Musk in the coming months. In any case, he made the promise. Instead the businessman could charge for verification badges on the social network.

Verification will become payable on Twitter?

Very useful for differentiating official accounts from malicious copies, these badges make it possible to identify in a second whether a user is reliable or not. This feature also significantly reduces identity theft on the social network.

According to information from The Verge on the subject, Twitter teams have until November 7 to develop the new feature. If the deadline is not respected, then the employees will be fired. On our side, we should know more about this new subscription by November 7, the supposed date of the launch of the feature.

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