DirectStorage 1.1 will cut game loading times by three

Microsoft has finally published the API necessary for the decompression of video game textures by the GPU, called DirectStorage. This task normally performed by the processor corresponds to the loading time before you can actually play.

According to the first tests carried out by the various manufacturers, this time could be divided by three, while reducing the occupation of the processor drastically. Thus, in Microsoft’s demo, the loading time of a scene goes from 2.36 to 0.80 s without detailing the configuration. Intel was more verbose on this same demo with a loading time that goes from 1.16 s, when decompression is performed by a Core i9-12900K, to 0.42 s when DirectStorage is activated. Texture compression is accomplished by the Arc A770 16GB graphics card.

The ball is in the developer’s court

The prerequisites to benefit from DirectStorage are simple: Windows 10 or 11, an SSD and a DirectX12 graphics card. However, Microsoft says that for the best performance, Windows 11, an NVMe SSD, and a DirectX12 Ultimate graphics card are recommended.

If the three GPU manufacturers AMD, Intel and Nvidia have released their drivers, we will have to wait for the first DirectStorage compatible game, Forspokenwhich is scheduled for release on January 24, 2023.

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