Diam’s intimate documentary soon on Amazon Prime!

By johnnyc

– Posted on 29 Oct 2022 at 11:05

Diam’s documentary, Salam, will soon be broadcast on Amazon Prime, as the platform announced last Friday.

Amazon Prime has just announced the release of Hello for next November 18. This film, a feature film, is a documentary on the life of Diam’s. Its seriousness is also attested by the fact that the realization was partly entrusted to the French rapper. It is therefore associated with the project. Amazon Prime also hits hard with this announcement since the documentary was waited since last summer. However, the height of despair for Diam’s fans, the documentary was not available anywhere! From now on, it will be possible to watch it on Amazon’s streaming platform, as the American company announced on Twitter last Friday.

But then, what is it about Hello ? Not in all of Diam’s life, of course. The documentary focuses on the reasons that led the French artist to give up rapping and the world of music to turn to a strict islam. She even settled in Saudi Arabia following his choice. A decision which marks, of course, the end of his musical career. In Hello, Diam’s also looks back on the darker aspects of his rap career. She talks about depression, psychological disorders and evokes her suicidal thoughts. So, for her, embracing Islam was the way to save herself from this toxic environment for her. find peace.

Hello will be released on November 18

Amazon Prime has thus succeeded in obtaining the broadcasting rights of Hello. You should know thata brief trip to the cinema took place for the documentary. It was presented at the Cannes Film Festival last May. Subsequently, it was broadcast for two days only, on July 1 and 2, at the cinema. 90,000 entries were then recorded, making it a definite success! Another distribution possibility for the documentary: the platform GrossX, via its new streaming platform. However, this last release seems unlikely, insofar as Brut will abandon your streaming branchfor lack of success.

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