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Why an auto insurance quote?

You should know that the rates offered by insurers are set freely, and this according to several criteria and objectives. The prices therefore vary from one insurer to another depending on the commercial policy, the pricing approach or the coverage offered. It is also possible to come across intermediaries who set their own prices. Opting for a car quote will give you the opportunity to favor the competition in the sector but also to find the best insurance policy for your vehicle with a perfect quality/price ratio.

Don’t forget also that by requesting a car quote you are sure to compare between several options and service providers. This is an opportunity to probe the market for free and without any commitment.

What you will find in a car quote

It is useful to multiply the estimates for a better vision. But, it is not possible to make an effective comparison if your estimate is devoid of certain details. It must therefore include certain valuable information including the deductible, the annual rate to be paid, the assistance offered by the company or the insurer, the level of guarantees, the cover of the driver, the legal protection, as well as the formula concerned such as all risks, fire, theft etc.

In addition to these elements, your quote can also include the period of validity, other conditions related to any disputes including the upward revision of prices as well as a possible fixed price in addition to its conditions.

How to get your car quote?

There is therefore a myriad of insurers offering a variety of products. The choice can be made, for example, on a company like MAAF. For a Maaf car quote, you will therefore create this document in two main steps. To start; you perform a simulation by providing some essential information, including the car model and the driver. An estimate of the price of your car insurance will be offered to you. If you are a Maaf customer, you must provide the car registration, your email and the password of your Maaf account. For the others, other information will be necessary including information on the driver, his profile which includes any history of claims. At the end of this process, you will obtain a final quote which allows you to compare the options offered, the guarantees and other elements of your insurance policy.

In a second phase, it will be possible to personalize your auto insurance quote as much as possible. For a tailor-made quote, you will therefore be asked to enter the number of kilometers traveled annually, the type of route you take and the model of the vehicle. It is possible to integrate a second driver of your vehicle by providing the details related to his profile. In this way, you will be able to adapt your insurance to other parameters such as the guarantees offered, your deductible as well as the payment requested.

Choose the best offer for reliable protection

Once your car quote is ready, you will be able to evaluate it. If the content of the document is satisfactory, it will be easy to validate your choices. A few online clicks on your screen and you’re done.

If you opt for an insurer like Maaf, the choice of your formula can include several options that provide better guarantees. The choice is, among other things, a legal defense of the driver; a replacement vehicle, 0 kilometer breakdown assistance, luggage and effects transported, but also the amount of the deductible.

Opt for Au Tiers and Au Tiers Eco formulas that can be adapted to all budgets and different levels of coverage. Accessible and flexible, these formulas are compatible with owners of old vehicles and several levels of warranty coverage. It is also possible to choose from all-risk formulas. These formulas include many options and levels of comfortable guarantees with perfect protection. The Eco formula is, of course, compatible with customers who want to benefit from comprehensive protection at a lower cost. For those who want to deal with all the unexpected, the All Risks formula is there for you. It is particularly recommended for those who have just acquired their vehicle or are looking to protect high-end cars.

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