Delphix automates compliance in the Microsoft Data Platform

Associated with Microsoft data cloud solutions, Delphix simplifies, accelerates and secures the exploitation of heterogeneous data by automating compliance, whether it is GDPR or other regulations specific to different sectors of activity.

Exploiting a wealth of data scattered across internal and external company systems has never been easy, especially in the age of multicloud. Especially since these data are generally stored in heterogeneous formats that must be homogenized before carrying out analyses, training models, feeding applications and test processes, etc. The process is all the more complex since it is also necessary to comply with regulations, in particular the GDPR. In other words, the data must generally be anonymized before being used.

DevOps test data specialist, Delphix offers to automate this data compliance by integrating directly with Intelligent Data Platform from Microsoft.

Leader of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant™ for Cloud DBMS Platforms, Microsoft offers a multitude of solutions to accelerate data exploitation, including an ETL to tame complexity and master heterogeneity. ” Delphix Fills ETL Compliance Gaps “, specifies the editor by identifying sensitive information throughout the company and by automating the masking of data where it resides.

More concretely, Delphix interfaces with the extraction, transformation and cleaning process by replacing at source the real values ​​of confidential and/or sensitive data with fictitious but realistic equivalents. The solution thus preserves the quality of the repositories while excluding the risk of exposure of personal data. Compatible with the majority of data privacy regulations, Delphix can also adapt filters to the specific constraints of each sector of activity.

In other words, by integrating with Microsoft data solutions, the publisher simplifies, accelerates and secures all the data ingestion processes, whether it is then a question of carrying out analyses, carrying out tests, feeding applications, etc. .

Delphix is ​​one of the players that brings added value by integrating its solutions with Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform says Faisal Mohamood, vice president of Azure Data at Microsoft. ” Tight integration with Delphix products is exactly the kind of technology solution that provides data engineers with the best possible conditions for accelerating data transfer between sources and targets, while making it easier to comply with international data protection regulations. data privacy. »

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