debris from a SpaceX rocket fell on a farm

The Australian Government is discussing with the company whether they will recycle the waste in question.

A waste like no other. In early July last year, Australian farmers found two pieces of debris in the middle of their field, one of which was firmly planted in the ground. They quickly contacted the Australian Space Agency (ASA) because they thought they had found pieces of a rocket. It was good for them when the ASA confirmed it was debris from a SpaceX machine.

Thanks to a serial number found on one of the pieces, Brad Tucker, an astrophysicist for the Australian National University, was able to prove that it was debris from a rocket that had taken off in November 2020.

“The agency confirms that the debris is from a SpaceX mission and continues to discuss with our colleagues in the United States,” an ASA spokesman said.

“If the community discovers other suspicious debris, they should not attempt to handle it or report it. They should contact the SpaceX Debris Hotline at 1-866-623-0234 or,” he says.

Fortunately, there was no material or human damage caused by the fall of these objects. Also, Brad Tucker told Guardian has since found another waste nearby. The Australian government is now in communication with SpaceX to find out whether the company led by Elon Musk will recover the debris or not.

Before SpaceX, China

It is very rare for pieces of this size to fall back to Earth. Often they disintegrate when they enter the atmosphere.

Last week, a Chinese rocket went out of control into the atmosphere and was largely destroyed. However, suspicious debris that may belong to the vessel has been found near populated areas in Malaysia and Indonesia. Discoveries that had led to a reaction from the head of NASA.

“All nations conducting space activities should adhere to best practices” because falling objects of this size “pose significant risks of causing loss of life or property,” tweeted Bill Nelson.

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