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Marshmallow 28 November 2022

The dreary month of November is coming to an end after the debilitating Black Friday, soon-to-be-Christmas and its voluntary madness. So why not close yourself in a bubble listening The hermitthe 41-minute long first track from the new album Richard Dawson, The Ruby Cord.

The Weird World label must have been surprised by the 80 minutes of music on offer Richard Dawson on The Ruby Cordan extraordinary album that opens with the sprawling The hermita musical cocoon in which we gently curl up. Richard Dawson “explores a world where humanity has crumbled and metamorphosed into something even more glaring and violent.” This first title is a journey and like Ulysses we don’t know if we can come back or rather if we want to. This pastoral symphony plunges us into a dreamlike future that is as reassuring as it is terrifying. It was brought to life by Bristol filmmaker James Hankins, who can be seen for a few seconds below. The rest of the disc unfolds equally fantastically and whimsically between Wyatt and Waits. In this labyrinth of melodic inventions, Richard Dawson exudes ease with a sumptuous instrumentation that he carries on his back on the cover, with incessant rhythmic shifts and a twirling voice. In short, if you’re looking for a single large slice for winter, The Ruby Cord of the troubadour Richard Dawson will exceed your expectations.

The ruby ​​chord of Richard Dawson is available from Weird World / Domino.

Richard Dawson – The Hermit

Richard Dawson- The Ruby Cord

Richard Dawson - The Ruby Cord
  1. The hermit
  2. Thicker than water
  3. The fool
  4. Museum
  5. Tip of an arrow
  6. none
  7. Horse and Rider
Richard Dawson at a concert.

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New Century Hall

Manchester (The United Kingdom)


Saint Luke

Glasgow (The United Kingdom)


Heavy Auditorium

liverpool (The United Kingdom)


City Varieties Music Hall

Leeds (The United Kingdom)


The gate

Cardiff (The United Kingdom)


Barbican Centre

London (The United Kingdom)


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