Dana White says the UFC was the first organization to offer fighters health insurance

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Despite much criticism from many fighters and pundits about it, Dana White recently proudly claimed that the UFC was the “first” promotion to offer health insurance to its fighters.

The UFC continues to grow as a premier mixed martial arts organization. Indeed, calls for reform of the contracts to which it binds its fighters are growing. This year, it seems the debate over fighter pay has drawn more and more backlash, with a number of athletes speaking out.

Dana White proud of UFC ‘health insurance’

During a recent interview with Grant Cardone, Dana White spoke about the impact of his promotion on MMA and its rapid development in recent years.

The UFC boss cited the organization’s desire to be first in all aspects. It is, so to speak, something that sets it apart from other martial arts entities. Asked what the MMA leader accomplished before anyone else, White first cited health insurance.

“We have done so many things in combat that have never been done before. Our motto here is ‘Be the first’. We are the first to have health insurance for fighters. We are the first to arrange so many events. Then we are the first to open the “Performance Institute” for athletes. They get all their supplements here, it’s all free. Training, conditioning is free. Physiotherapy is free. ยป

Even though the promotion is content to foot the bill for those injured in the cage and before fights, that hasn’t stopped group members from worrying and fretting over limited insurance.

Jessica-Rose Clark, for example, was forced to ask her fans for help on social media last year. Writing on Instagram that she was “desperate for health insurance” and couldn’t afford the deals she was offered.

Eric Nicksick, who works with a number of UFC athletes as a head trainer at the Xtreme Couture venue in Las Vegas, estimated that about 80% of professional MMA fighters probably do not have health insurance.

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