Dakar 2023 route, step by step! Rally Raid

Yes, that one Dakar 2023 starts in 2022. But for the rest, nothing changes, or almost. The idea is always to survive this hellish marathon in landscapes as sublime as they are merciless.
At the time of this 45th editionthe pilots will cover more than 8500 km in 14 Saudi stages, which already promise to be epic.

Dakar 2023 in numbers

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A living legend

Those who know him best tell us about Carlos Sainz, who is preparing for his 14th Dakar.


Prologue: December 31

While chaining the field cutters and Doliprans, the pilots start. On the program for this appetizer: just 10 km around Sea Camp in western Saudi Arabia.

The first event starts from Sea Camp and returns there after a 603km loop. 368 kilometers are included in the classification and the remaining 235 kilometers act as connecting links.

Competitors leave Sea Camp and tackle the interior of the country on a 590km stage leading to Al ‘Ula.

669 km long, the third stage takes participants east to Ha’il, the capital of the region of the same name, which has a population of around 600,000. They will spend the next two days there.

Relive the great moments of Dakar 2022 in the video below

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Dakar Daily – Post-show

Relive the best moments from the Dakar 2022 rally-raid here with Red Bull TV!

On the menu: a 573 km loop around Ha’il. But only 425 km are included in the general classification.

We stay in Ha’il, but this 5th stage is much longer, offering no less than 646 km for the pilots (including 375 counted)

It is quite simply the longest stage of Dakar 2023 with 876.68 km traveled towards the heart of the country up to Al Duwadimi, where a particularly harsh climate awaits the competitors.

No chance to rest: drivers have 641.47 km to cover around Al Duwadimi.

The caravan is back on the road for the second longest stage of this 45th edition (722.41 km) towards Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, where the participants will finally be able to breathe (a little).

Matthias Walkner, 3rd in 2022 Dakar

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Rest day: 9 January

Halfway, what remains of the field rests in the idyllic surroundings of Riyadh.

Back to business: cars, motorcycles and other trucks hit the road towards Haradh for 710 km.

The 10th stage serves above all to connect Haradh and Shaybah, in the south-east of the country, with 114 kilometers for the classification and 509 km of specials on the program.

A good marathon tape with 426 kilometers to the finish line. At the time of departure, the competitors will already have 4000 km on the clock.

The platoon crosses the desert and follows an arcuate route to Shaybah, on the edge of the Rub’ Al-Khali desert (aka “the empty quarter”). It is the shortest stage of this Dakar 2023 with 375 short km.

669 km on the program for this particularly long penultimate day, which promises to advance the leaderboard just before the finish line. As you see us, we are drooling beforehand.

Map of the route of the Dakar 2023 rally raid in Saudi Arabia.

The route for Dakar 2023 in Saudi Arabia


The peloton leaves Al-Hofuf for this grand finale, which ends in Dammam along the Persian Gulf, and which also concludes a race that we hope is as crazy as it is indecisive.

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