Crypto mining is no longer welcome on Microsoft Cloud

Microsoft breaks the hack minors – Cryptocurrencies based on proof of work (PoW), of which of course Bitcoin (BTC), has been particularly harassed in recent years. That The European Central Bank would be e.g. happy to ban cryptos in PoW. This time it’s the giant Microsoft who won’t see more crypto-mining through its services. At least not without permission.

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No more cryptomining through the Microsoft Cloud without permission

About Microsoft is very interested in Web3Unfortunately, the software giant seems much less accommodating mining cryptocurrencies based on Proof of Work, such as Bitcoin.

As Cointelegraph notably reports, the company was founded by Bill Gates have recently update its universal license terms for its online services. Microsoft has added a line at its discretion prohibits formally to use these for undermine crypto assets.

And if a user intends to use cloud services for this activity, he must now first acquire one “prior written agreement” by Microsoft before any crypto mining activity. According to the computer giant, these restrictions would target “protect” its online services against the risks of cyber fraud, computer attacks and other unauthorized access to customer resources.

“We made this change to further protect our customers and to reduce the risk of interruption or degradation of services in the Microsoft Cloud. »

No more mining without Microsoft’s permission (which may not give it very often). But other tenors in the IT sector are many more enthusiastically for mining bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. At the start of 2022, Intel unveiled Bonanzaits own crypto mining chip and machine.

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