Communication issues – Hebdocom – Wave 4

Survey conducted online from 13 to 14 December 2022. Sample of 1,061 people representative of French people aged 18 and over. Quota method and adjustments applied to the following variables: gender, age, socio-professional category, region and size of the interviewee’s urban area.

Paris, December 15,

Every week, as part of the BFM Business HEBDO COM program, Harris Interactive conducts a survey for the channel and Tilder to determine how the French perceive the communication of a personality, institution or actor in particular on a hot topic.

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Wave 4 – The announcement of the presence of Emmanuel Macron in Qatar to participate in the match for the French football team in the semi-finals of the World Cup

For this fourth wave, we asked the French about their views on the announcement of Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Qatar to participate in the semi-finals of the French team as part of the FIFA World Cup.

The French are divided on the issue, with only a small majority (54%) saying they are convinced by this announcement. But certain categories of the population seem to be more favorable to it than average, like football fans or supporters of the president’s majority and Republicans, while others are more skeptical, especially those close to the National Rally.

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