Citizen Code Python, Amazon game to train us all in Python

Faced with the shortage of developers, companies are launching their own training initiatives to reach young people with little or no access to digital science courses. The latest is none other than Amazon, which is launching its Citizen Code Python serious-game with equal opportunities as a backdrop.

The online sales and cloud giant has just launched a fun application to train young people – and the oldest – in programming in Python. baptized Citizen Code Pythonthis training in the form of an interactive game proposes, like Minecraft, to develop your own city by coding each element that composes it: buildings, trees, etc.
Designed for neophytes from the age of 9, the game offers an alternative in blockly (block programming language) allowing them to acquire the basics of algorithms before embarking on writing “pythonic” lines of code.

Mixed between TV series and video game, Citizen Code Python is entirely free. It is designed in the form of seasons cut into episodes. At the end of each episode, the player receives two ” Open Badges » attesting to the skills acquired: one for python and one for blockly. The first season launched this week. The next one is already scheduled for December.

When companies fly to the aid of National Education

Amazon is of course not the first company to invest in the training of young people.
The Total Foundation opened Industreeta school for the industry of the future in Stains (Seine-Saint-Denis) which offers free training to young people aged 18 to 25 in the jobs of tomorrow.
LVMH, for its part, has created a Institute of Vocations for Employment (LIVE) in Clichy-Sous-Bois which also offers free training to young adults aged 25 to 30 to help them reintegrate into working life and restore their confidence.
And let’s not forget theschool 42 of the founder of Free, Xavier Niel, who prepares young people without a diploma for careers in IT by providing them with an outlet upon leaving.


newtech does all-wood training

Halfway between the reintegration of young people and training for the jobs of tomorrow, these initiatives are most of the time part of CSR programs, in terms of societal contribution.

Original, the initiative Citizen Code Python aims much broader with very specific intentions. This game is indeed part of an ambitious program launched by Amazon in 2020. Called Amazon Future Engineer (AFE), it mainly targets young people from underprivileged backgrounds and especially young girls, as explained Olivia Hayot, program manager: “ Digital technology occupies a growing place in many areas of daily life and mastering the language is becoming both a necessity and an asset for the younger generations. Our goal is to contribute to equal opportunities by enabling them to discover new perspectives and giving them access to jobs of the future. “.

Nearly 300,000 young people already sensitized

To provide itself with the means for its ambitions, Amazon relies on field associations recognized for their educational expertise: Planet Science which has been raising young people’s awareness of the experimental practice of science since 1962, the civic service specialist in France United Cities or Item1 which works against inequality of opportunity. The collaboration takes the form of workshops organized in schools, online courses, Amazon volunteers who will explain their job to students in class or via scholarships granted to young girls from underprivileged backgrounds who embark on technical studies.

In total, AFE already has more than 10 partners in France who have trained 290,000 young people.

“Non-falsifiable, the Open Badges stamped Amazon Future Engineer are both rewarding and allow some young people to obtain elements to complete their CV. In addition, they also underline the rigor with which the content of the workshops was thought out because to obtain these certifications, the students must really acquire the level of skills associated “, highlighted Olivia Hayot, Amazon Future Engineer Program Manager

For Citizen Code Python, Amazon relied on Tralalere and France IOI. A social and solidarity economy company, the first is an EdTech specializing in serious games widely used in schools. He also coordinates for France the European prevention and education program for the proper use of the Internet, called Safe Internet. The France IOI association, for its part, is best known for the International Computing Olympiads, one of the most prestigious computer competitions in the world for young people. She manages the French selection. It also orchestrates in partnership with Inria and ENS Paris-Saclay the beaver contest in France. Aiming to introduce young people to computer science and digital sciences, this competition is organized in more than 50 countries.

The ‘online’ to reach even more young people

Put another way, Citizen Code Python combines Tralalere’s serious game development expertise with France IOI’s know-how in teaching resources for teachers. ” This is the first time that we have brought together two AFE partners to bring a project to fruition. “, highlighted Olivia Hayot. It is also the first time that AFE has chosen the MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) format to form. The number of face-to-face workshops that our network of partner facilitators can organize remains limited. Gold, we want every young person in France to be able to benefit from this support, regardless of their financial or geographic situation. To achieve this, we have opted for a solution accessible to everyone, at any time and totally free, through an approach that is fun, educational, rewarding and in line with the objectives of National Education. “.

If it is aimed primarily at young people, it is open to all French people curious to discover programming in python. Typically, Thomas Bourguet, Deputy General Manager of Tralalère cites the example of a lawyer who used a preliminary version of the game to understand the principles of programming in the context of a case she had to investigate. Something to inspire CIOs and many collaborators at a time when Low-Code finds its place within the professions.



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