Charles III: His cousin soon married a woman, a great first in the royal family

The year 2022 ended as 2023 began for the royal clan: pretty bad. With the loss of his mother Elizabeth II and the insults of Prince Harry, his son more adored than that, King Charles III undoubtedly dreaded the coming months like the plague. But a loved one should finally turn the tide for the greatest happiness of the new sovereign, whose official coronation will take place on May 6.

Ellen Lascelles, cousin of Charles, is to marry her other half. The young woman announced the good news on her Instagram account as reported by Daily mail. And we already know that this marriage will have a unique flavor, as it will be the first lesbian marriage in the company. You read that right. Ellen Lascelles is about to say ‘yes’ to her partner Channtel McPherson: “On New Year’s Day, Chan asked me to marry him. [Elle] turned what was an amazing 2022 into an even more amazing 2023” she wrote.

The date is not yet known, but if King Charles couldn’t make the trip, it’s hard not to imagine that he wishes him the best for this union with his sweetness and a long life on the road to love. Although this will be the first marriage between two women, it is not the first same-sex marriage. In 2018, Ivar Mountbatten, cousin of Elizabeth II, had married his companion. Like what, the Windsors aren’t as intolerant as some claim.

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